Sunday, June 13, 2010

it's the day after our first post and we are still bubbling with excitement. We're sorry to say that we haven't begun reading, with projects and homework it is hard to keep track of everything. But we assure you dear readers that we will be starting very soon. Remember to tell all your friends about our blog. We want as many followers as possible :) toodles(:


  1. Congratulations on your first post. I hope it continues!


  2. Excellent idea, ladies!! Nothing brings more pleasure than a good book. Can't wait to hear what your favorites are.

  3. Glad to find a reading site that includes books for both grown-ups and children! I'm an elementary teacher and my kids love the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I've only been out of school a short time so far, but have already read 4 books. Don't know about Perloo, so maybe that'll be my next read. Good luck on the site!

  4. This blog is just what I've been looking for. My grandson is a "reluctant" reader and I need help in choosing books for a 10 year old. I'm hopefuly that your blog will help.
    P.S. Found your blog through your mother's (Bliss Farm Antiques) when she posted on "Tongue in Cheek" that she was "bruised, scarred, broken and scared" in describing herself. So sorry to hear that the economy has taken another shopowner from us!